Saturday, 10 December 2011

Every Mile we travel - Has its own Experience!

I love to travel because its a way of change, a life that could turn your life to think, feel different and find ways to overcome the challenges and situations you are facing to be able to create a better environment for the people around us and ourselves.

The page i've been reading since 2008.....

From the saying "The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page" by Saint Augustine.  In my sense i think every country of this world owns a page in this book. I have only and still am reading one page in the whole book which is "UGANDA"

Many people started traveling since the early ages when some of us were or weren't even born and when i speak frankly most of us want to travel every corner of this world to get to know and explore the beauty that lies behind it. Now going back to "The World is a Book" saying, when we are reading a book we often read every single line carefully to completely understand the contents written and we want to always feel it with all our hearts during the reading, am i right?

My Page and its Experience.........
Talking about the page i've been reading since 2008. I have come to know that in every mile we walk or travel to from our present location has it own experience, the way i have experienced this is by actually making myself part of every community i come across. When we are traveling it is sometimes good to forget what you are and focus on things that are just around you at that moment, feel yourself in the same category just like the people around you. 

Over the past four years I have visited many towns, villages and amazing places of Uganda, all of which have different life experiences. Having first-hand experience of these villages and towns that are not even half of my page, i have been able to know what everyone's lifestyle means to their society and family.

Choosing how to travel......

There are often many ways to travel and get to read some of the world's pages that inspire and we dream about, you could go as a tourist and get to see the places,landscapes and Wildlife and have the experience. Or you could choose to go on a voluntourist trip and get to live beside the locals within these landscapes and villages where you get the opportunity to experience the real life they live everyday and of course their culture!.

Why many Choose to be Voluntourists?

In my opinion choosing to travel as a voluntourist is one great experience every traveler should experience. All of us have the passion to act in a humanitarian capacity at least once in our lives; many of us feel the noble urge to give back to society, especially if life has given so much to you already. People decide to volunteer and give back for many different reasons; there are those who do it for personal reasons, while there are also those who do it just to get ahead in life.

Many people believe that volunteering is just about you giving a hand, while some believe it is a way to get to know other people and share life experinces and these are truly inspired to do humanitarian work, not only at home but also abroad, where their ventures not only change the people they meet but even themselves. Volunteering is about sharing what you have with the world.

This is how i read my page and keep enjoying it....
In my page i only look at the faces that deserve a smile and try to actually bring one on their beautiful faces and i do all this with of course the help of the world, people who always come here to work with me. The ones who feel it is worthy to volunteer and they all become part of my story, if you have the desire.. i can help you create it's reality and read completely the page Uganda, join me now;

My final words...
This will be probably my last post for 2011 as am embarking on a new venture in the next 2-weeks in Jinja and 6-7 days of adventure to Lake Mburo & Murchison Falls N.P with the best white water rafting trip included. So stories will come up after the new years Eve. BE IN TOUCH and WATCH OUT FOR MORE!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
From the President, Kennedy
and the Mzungu Team - Uganda


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Travel gives lots of experience and confidence and I hope u must have experienced new things while traveling.

  2. When i start to read this blog then i can't turn my eyes any where really great story you are posted here i am happy to watch it. Thanks buddy for post this blog..

  3. I'm excited to spend the holidays with Kennedy the Mzungu team!
    I've been here just a few days and it's been a great learning experience so far!